Remote access / access from outside the KUE Campus

Users can use the subscribed databases on computers within the university network (no logins and passwords are required), unless the description of the individual database indicates otherwise.

Research, doctoral students and students at the Krakow University of Economics can use online resources and full-text electronic sources also outside the university network (e.g. home computers), through the HAN system.

Logging in to the databases via the Online Resources page.

The condition for access is to have a valid library account.

Account activation

  • 1 At please send your name and surname album number.
  • 2 After creating / activating an account, an e-mail will be sent with information about the possibility of ordering books and remote access.

Access is activated automatically. The list of users is refreshed once a day (at midnight).

Log in

  • Username: library card number (e.g. 2020......) on the back of the student ID
  • Password: (default password is the number of the Identification document you've used to register)

Electronic resources are protected by copyright. Licenses for the use of electronic publications prohibit the creation of local archives. The number of downloads should correspond to the actual needs resulting from scientific or research purposes.

Please forward any questions, comments or problems to:,
tel. 12 293 5737