Basic information

Joining the library:

WHERE? Lending Room

KUE Students, Doctoral students

  • personally at the librarian's desk
  • or remotely by sending your name, surname and your album number (from student ID) to after creating an account, an e-mail will be sent with information about the possibility of using library services
KUE Academics

  • to please send your name and surname, data of the College / Institute / Department (verification based on data from Egeria) after creating an account, an e-mail will be sent with information about the possibility of using library services
Other users

  • on the basis of the ELS, students of Krakow's public universities and those non-public universities with whose libraries the University has signed an agreement on mutual provision of library services - registration form
  • employees of Krakow's public universities and those non-public universities with the libraries of which the University has signed an agreement on mutual provision of library services - registration form and after delivery in person or by sending to the e-mail address the surety form


Search / order

1 Log in to your library account and search the library's materials.

2 Note the location of books (Wypożyczalnia [Lending Room], Magazyn [Closed Stacks]) and book’s status:

3 Borrow a book from the librarian on duty

Can't find the items you are looking for in our collection and it is not in the collections of other Krakow libraries? Take advantage of the interlibrary loan service.

How many books can you borrow?

KUE students

Students, English Track students, postgraduate students disabled students* - 10 for 30 days

Students with disabilities* - 10 for 60 days

Students of two courses of studies - 12 for 30 days

KUE doctoral students

Doctoral students - 12 for 60 days

KUE academics

Employee - 20 for 90 days

Other users

Others - 3 for 14 days

* Students with disabilities:

  • are entitled to priority service
  • borrow by proxy after assigning one person as their proxy for the minimum time of one academic year

Books renewal*

You can renew a book yourself after logging into your user’s account in the online catalogue, in the tab: YOUR ACCOUNT - YOUR SUMMARY.

You cannot renew a book if:
  • the due date has already passed,
  • the book has been reserved by another user,
  • you have outstanding payments above the limit of 5 PLN towards the Main Library.

The borrowing period will be extended from the date of prolongate/renewal up to a period consistent with an account type (e.g. for students, doctoral students, employees, students with disabilities).

Book return

WHERE? Lending Room check the opening hours

  • personal,
  • return to the specially prepared return box located next to the doorkeeper's room,
  • or
  • by sending books by post at their own expense to the address of the KUE Main Library (Rakowicka 27 St. 31-510 Krakow) with the annotation "Wypożyczalnia".

  • Information about returning dates are displayed after logging in to the library account in the tab YOUR ACCOUNT - YOUR SUMMARY

Loss of a book

WHERE TO REPORT? Lending Room ; send mail

WHAT'S NEXT? Repurchase the book (same publishing year or next editions). If the book can no longer be bought back, we provide a list of titles that the Library can accept in exchange for lost or damaged books.

Library fees and fines

HOW MUCH? PLN 0.20 for each day of delay in return one book. You can check the amount in the YOUR ACCOUNT - YOUR SUMMARY tab.

WHEN? Before renewal or after returning borrowed books.

using quick payments - from 5 PLN and above (tab: YOUR ACCOUNT - YOUR CHARGES - PAY via PayU)
transfer to the university account - Krakow University of Economics, Alior Bank no. 08 2490 0005 0000 4600 2884 8664, title: fee for late return of books, number of (YOUR) library card WHAT'S NEXT? proof of payment should be sent to

Letter regarding discounts on the payment of amounts due for the untimely return of books

WHEN? The letter can be submitted after the borrowed books are returned*


According to the Zarządzenie w sprawie zasad udzielania ulg w spłacie należności pieniężnych mających charakter cywilnoprawny przypadającej Uniwersytetowi Ekonomicznemu w Krakowie [KUE Rector ordinance no. R-0201-4/2020 of 22 January 2020 on the rules for granting relief in repayment of monies due with a civil attributable KraKow University of Economics] the letter with the required documents should be directed to the Director of the Department of Finance and Public Procurement (Kwestor). Before submitting the letter, confirmation of the amount due is required at the Lending Room.

*Letters referring to the lack of an email reminding about the date of return will not be considered. This reminder is for guidance only and is not a basis for discounts on the payment.

Expired library account

  • to please send your name and surname, album number
  • after checking in USOS whether the student status is marked as Active, the account is activated

End-of-studies settlement with the Main Library (Clearance slip)

Settlements are made by the dean's offices of individual units electronically via the USOS platform.

To obtain an end-of-studies settlement the reader must settle their library account (no overdue books and no outstanding fees).The obligation to settle accounts with the Library also applies to KUE students who did not use the Library.

In case of any questions or doubts, please contact the Lending Room , phone 12 29 35 710; 12 293 5793 or email:

Using the collections in Main Library bulding

The Library's collections may be used by anyone on site after registering in the Library and showing valid library card, electronic student card (ELS) or doctoral candidate card (ELD).

Following documents are available:

Interlibrary loans

Ordering collections from other libraries

What materials can be ordered by the library?

We only order materials that cannot be reached in any Krakow library, and which are also unavailable in electronic format.

  • original copies - available on-site only in the Main Reading Room
    • the return deadline of the publication is determined by the lending library
    • service is free of charge for loans from Polish libraries
    • service is not free of charge for loans from foreign libraries*
  • photocopies - articles or parts of publications - available as photocopies or scans
    • service is not free of charge*
    • service is carried out and priced according to the rules of the library performing this service

*applies to KUE employees who are asked to submit a confirmation form of funds / commitment to cover the ordering costs (confirmed by the Research Project Support Department).


How to order? Who can use the interlibrary loan service?
  • KUE employees
  • KUE students
  • KUE PhD students
  • KUE postgraduate students


Please note that the condition for ordering any of the library materials is a valid library account.

Lending our collections to other libraries

What services are offered by the library?
  • loans of reading materials
  • photocopies of articles or parts of the library materials
  • scans
How to order?


What is the loan period?

The loan period is 30 days.


What is the cost of this service?

Interlibrary loans are free of charge