COVID-19: Information and recommendations

Library rules and services during the coronavirus emergency

  1. Only students and employees of the CUE can use the Library.
  2. There is an obligation to cover the mouth and nose and maintain social distance throughout the building.
  3. Before entering the Library, you should disinfect your hands and measure the temperature.
  4. The obligation to leave outer garments in the cloakroom is temporarily suspended.
  5. Account activation - to please send your name and surname, album number. After creating an account, an e-mail will be sent with information about the possibility of ordering books.
  6. Access to online resources will be launched automatically the day after account activation; the data is refreshed once a day (at midnight).
  7. Ordering / reserving of books takes place only through the Online catalogue. After completing the order, an e-mail is sent to the address provided on the user’s account.
  8. Collection of ordered books:
    • personal during the opening hours of the Local Loan Department,
    • from the storage locker to an individual code (album number). Collection possible no earlier than the next working day. The maximum time for collecting books from storage lockers - 3 working days.
  9. Return of borrowed books:
      personal during the opening hours of the Local Loan Department,
    • to the specially prepared container located next to the doorkeeper's room
    • by sending books by post at their own expense to the address of the CUE Main Library (Rakowicka 27 St. 31-510 Krakow) with the annotation "Biblioteka Główna Wypożyczalnia".
  10. Books returned by the users will be quarantined for 3 days (they cannot be ordered or reserved during this time).
  11. The borrowed books may be prolonged 3 times (through the user’s account), which must be made before the return date. Books that have been reserved by another reader cannot be renewed.
  12. In the reading rooms, there is a limit of persons staying at the same time, which is 1 person / 10 m2: