Elsevier Webinars in October

How Scopus ensures it covers high-quality content?

Join us to learn about new funcionalities in Scopus and how it constantly monitors the quality of indexed sources.

Live online Oct 5 10:00 am



ScienceDirect: tips and tricks

Live online Oct 7 12:00 pm



Efficient literature search in ScienceDirect

Use simple and advanced search, and find the right search strategy tailored to your needs. Find out about all the useful features of ScienceDirect that will help you search effectively.

Live online Oct 12 10:00 am



3 effective ways to find relevant literature on Scopus

Learn how to conduct literature search in Scopus, so that you find relevant and reliable results efficiently .

Live online Oct 14 10:00 am



ScienceDirect - all about the journals

ScienceDirect includes more than 2,650 peer-reviewed scientific, technical, and health journals spanning 24 major scientific disciplines. Learn how to find journals and full-text articles relevant to your research. Learn how to use JournalFinder to discover journals that could be best suited for publishing your paper.

Live online Oct 28 10:00 am